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Thursday, September 10th, 2020


U.S. Senate panel chair questions JPMorgan over allegations of loan misuse

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The head of the U.S. Senate Small Business panel on Thursday questioned JPMorgan chase & Co’s chief executive following reports that several bank employees misused federal loans aimed at helping businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic. In a letter to chief executive Jamie Dimon, committee chairman Marco Rubio asked for details of the company’s investigation by Sept. 23 as well as other information on steps the bank is taking related to the allegations over the Paycheck Protection Program and expanded Economic Injury Disaster Loan programs. (Reporting by SusanRead More

Election live updates: Trump heading to Michigan; Biden seizes on coronavirus revelations in new book

Election live updates: Trump heading to Michigan; Biden … Election live updates: Trump heading to Michigan; Biden seizes on coronavirus revelations in new book . … President Trump is heading Thursday to Michigan, a key battleground state in the Rust … Biden Campaign Hits Trump on Coronavirus Revelations: Live … Joe Biden and his surrogates seized on the news that President Trump knew the coronavirus was deadly and intentionally suggested otherwise. The latest virus relief bill failed in the Senate. Trump heads to Michigan as row over Woodward coronavirus …Read More

Tesla Can Detect Aftermarket Hacks Designed to Defeat EV Performance Paywalls

The battle between automakers and aftermarket tuners is a war that has been waged for quite some time. While some manufacturers have embraced the movement, others are still fighting to protect their vehicles from being altered after they leave the factory, even going as far as encrypting vehicle ECUs to prevent tuners from fiddling with things. Electric vehicles have opened up a new front-manufacturers like Tesla can now create lower- and higher-performance versions of the exact same car using nothing but software. Predictably, the aftermarket is working to defeat thoseRead More

Maserati Grecale Teased As Smaller Performance SUV, Debuts Spring 2021

Maserati has been making the headlines lately with the unveiling of an updated Ghibli featuring a hybrid powertrain and a hot V8-powered version. The larger Quattroporte sedan has also been given the Trofeo treatment, while the Levante has gone through a nip and tuck. By far the most exciting reveal of the year from the Modena brand took place yesterday with the long-awaited debut of the MC20. There’s more to come from Maserati as a sub-Levante crossover is on its way. It’s been spotted recently disguised as an Alfa RomeoRead More

HellRaisers остались втроем. Miposhka прекращает карьеру игрока

HellRaisers в полном составе выступит на DOTA Summit 11 HellRaisers в полном составе выступит на DOTA Summit 11. Генеральный директор HellRaisers Алексей Слабухин опроверг слухи о заменах в коллективе. Слабухин заявил, что команда в полном составе выступит на предстоящем майноре в Лос … V1lat: “HellRaisers не смогли сохранить состав и уже ищут … Последние новости игровой индустрии на портале Click-Storm. Киберспорт: турниры, гайды, соревнования между командами. — Click-storm Hellraiser – OST / Восставший из ада – Саундтрек [Score … Hellraiser – OST / Восставший из ада – Саундтрек [Score]. ИсполнительRead More