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Tuesday, August 18th, 2020


Michigan isn’t included in next week’s AMC movie theater reopenings

When AMC announced plans Thursday to reopen more than 100 theaters in the United States on Aug. 20, it released a list of specific locations that would be involved. Missing from that list? Any sites in Michigan, where most movie theaters remain closed under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s orders aimed at reducing COVID-19’s spread. For now, the closest cities to Detroit that AMC has slated for Aug. 20 reopenings are Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois. AMC has a total of 14 locations throughout Michigan, including seven in metro Detroit. They are located in AuburnRead More

Arbeitsunfall: Mann stürzte 15 Meter in den Tod

Von Kette an Kran in Luft gezogen – Mann stürzt in den Tod Ein 51-Jähriger wird in Ellwangen von einer Kette an einem Kran in die Luft gezogen und stürzt anschließend zwölf Meter in die Tiefe. Für den Mann kommt jede Hilfe zu spät. Oberammergau: Großvater stürzt bei Wanderung in den Tod … Oberammergau – Bei einem 50 bis 60 Meter tiefen Sturz in die Tiefe kam am Mittwoch ein 72-jähriger Mann bei einer Wanderung auf dem Laber in den Ammergauer Alpen vor den Augen seiner Familie … Arbeitsunfall inRead More

Japanese Officials Tried to Push for a Nissan-Honda Merger That Neither Company Wanted: Report

Japanese officials tried to convince Nissan and Honda to merge with each other at the end of 2019 in an attempt to create one preeminent Japanese automaker, according to a report by the Financial Times. The move signals a fear that Japan is losing ground to other countries’ auto industries as companies outside Japan continue to consolidate through mergers and partnerships. According to three sources close to the matter who spoke with the Financial Times, protectionist advisers to Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe suggested the merger to both companies atRead More

DPM Heng: Gov’t Invests $187M To Support Aviation Sector – To Create 4,000 New Jobs

Minister Heng Swee Keat noted that aerospace, aviation and tourism are among the hardest-hit sectors in Singapore. To support these ailing sectors, the government will provide further support to retain core capabilities and position them for an eventual recovery. He noted that these sectors are important parts of Singapore’s economy, and are multipliers for other sectors. In particular, Singapore’s position as a global business node depends on our connectivity as an air hub. The Changi Air Hub and its adjacent industries contribute to over five per cent of Singapore’s GDPRead More

Germany’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Rise by 561 to 224014 – RKI

Germany’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Rise by 561 to … Germany’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Rise by 561 to 224,014 – RKI The reported death toll rose by one to 9,232, the tally showed. (Reporting by Berlin Newsroom; Editing by Jacqueline Wong … Germany’s confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 561 to … BERLIN – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 561 to 224,014, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Monday. Germany’s confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 561 to … August 17, 2020.Read More

Group protests to get extension of eviction moratorium in Detroit

About 50 people protested outside the 36th District Courthouse in downtown Detroit on Monday, demanding an end to evictions and extension of a moratorium in the city, as eviction hearings began inside with the weekend’s expiration of the previous stay. The group, organized by Detroit Eviction Defense, demanded that all evictions in Detroit and Michigan be banned until at least 60 days after the extended state of emergency – Sept. 4 – in order to keep residents in their homes during the ongoing pandemic. “What we’re looking at is a potential tsunami of evictions hitting aRead More

Relive the Five Greatest All-Time Moments From Rally Finland, the WRC’s Fastest Race

This year isn’t the kindest to motorsport fans with races and gatherings canceled by the lot, and main events like Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans postponed, only to be held without spectators. The event formerly known as the 1000 Lakes Rally, now the infamous Rally Finland, is not only the fastest event on the WRC calendar, but also a gravel race with the largest and most spectacular jumps the FIA would allow. For that reason, Walter Röhrl was never a fan, yet for the Finns andRead More

Rapper de 11 anos de Gaza leva ‘mensagem de paz e humanidade’ a milhares

Rapper de 11 anos de Gaza leva “mensagem de paz e … O rapper de Gaza Abdel-Rahman Al-Shantti pode só ter 11 anos de idade, mas suas rimas sobre a guerra e as adversidades do enclave palestino chegam a milhares de pessoas, transmitindo em inglês o que ele classifica como uma “mensagem de paz e humanidade“. Rapper de 11 anos de Gaza leva “mensagem de paz e … O rapper Abdel-Rahman Al-Shantti, de Gaza, pode só ter 11 anos de idade, mas suas rimas sobre a guerra e as adversidadesRead More