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Monday, August 17th, 2020


SpaceX Starlink Speedtest Results Start to Come in after Beta Testing

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites are steadily filling the sky even though they are receiving more and more criticism after cases of them getting in the way of astronomical occurrences start to get plenty, with the most recent one being the photobombing the NEOWISE comet. Now, the early SpaceX Starlink speed tests are coming in and the results are a bit far from what Musk had promised. SEE ALSO: ELON MUSK CLAIMS STARLINK SATELLITES WON’T IMPACT ASTRONOMY, BUT RESEARCH SAYS OTHERWISE Recently, 11 anonymized speed tests by Starlink users were posted toRead More

Brasil ganha 10 medalhas de ouro na volta da natação

Natação do Brasil – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre A natação no Brasil é um esporte que vem ganhando popularidade no país, à medida que talentos individuais surgem, a modalidade se reestrutura e mais investimentos são aportados. O Brasil participa da natação nos Jogos Olímpicos desde 1920, juntamente com a primeira delegação olímpica brasileira.Hoje o país conta com nomes de peso em competições internacionais, que trazem um … Na volta às competições, revelação da natação brasileira … Na volta às competições, revelação da natação … O nadador de Americana ganhou osRead More

Germany Looks at Extra Aid; H.K. Extends Measures: Virus Update

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz proposed extending subsidies to preserve jobs to 24 months. The measure would cost the government an extra 10 billion euros ($12 billion). The country relaunched short-time compensation to shield workers and companies from massive job cuts during the pandemic. The benefit, normally limited to 12 months, initially covers as much as 67% for households with children and gradually increases over the months. Travel companies were among Europe’s main fallers in the stock market on Monday, extending Friday’s declines, after Covid-19 restriction updates from key touristRead More

The New 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior Is a Glowing Yacht Rock Oasis

Mercedes-Benz revealed its sleek new yacht-inspired interior for its forthcoming 2021 S-Class today, complete ambient LED lighting that can respond to your climate control settings and alert you to dangers in your blind spots. Mercedes even claims that its new interior features can help you relax or stay awake-and may already know what you need on that front. This pleasingly minimalist interior doesn’t just look cool-it packs some genuinely interesting tech. The dashboard, center console, doors, front seat backs and the overhead control panel all feature ambient LED lighting. MercedesRead More

3600 pesos para regular autos

Gobierno de BC plantea decreto para “regularizar” autos … El gobierno de Baja California propuso a la Federación que se emita un decreto para regularizar los automóviles usados de procedencia extranjera, también conocidos como auto “chocolate”, por un costo de 3 mil 600 pesos por cada uno, señaló el secretario de Economía Sustentable y Turismo, Mario Escobedo Carignan. 3,600 Pesos Costaría “Importar Un Auto … 3,600 PESOS COSTARÍA “IMPORTAR UN AUTO” EN BC… Con el programa que impulsa el Srio. de Economía Mario Escobedo. “Si le quitamos un auto aRead More

‘Spree’ Star Joe Keery on His ‘Highly Misguided’ Character’s Pursuit of Viral Fame (Video)

Joe Keery’s character in the indie film “Spree” is strangely charismatic, but in his twisted pursuit of viral fame through social media, he’s not exactly someone you want to root for. The “Stranger Things” actor plays Kurt, a rideshare driver who gets the idea to partake in a violent murder spree, all from the comfort of his own car, as he livestreams his crimes to the world. Director and co-writer Eugene Kotlyarenko describes the film as a satire of social media with some horror elements to it, and he calledRead More

Explosion in East China’s Shandong Province Kills Two and Injures Many

An explosion took place in Jining of East China’s Shandong Province on Saturday at 9:30AM (GMT +8) that saw two people killed and many injured, reports the Global Times. RELATED: PORT NECHES TEXAS RESIDENTS FORCED TO EVACUATE AFTER PLANT EXPLOSION A video of the explosion shared on Twitter showed a huge mushroom over buildings and some destruction on the street. The explosion is said to have taken place at an agricultural storage site. An early investigation revealed that locals may have accidentally damaged electric wires during woodcutting. This unfortunate accident led toRead More

Seger för Robertsfors borta mot Sunnanå

Seger för Robertsfors borta mot Sunnanå – Norran Bortalaget Robertsfors tog hem de tre poängen efter seger mot Sunnanå i division 3 norra Norrland herr i fotboll. 1-3 (1-1) slutade matchen på söndagen. Seger för Bollstanäs borta mot Sunnanå | Aftonbladet Bortalaget Bollstanäs tog hem segern mot Sunnanå i Elitettan i fotboll. 1-3 (0-2) slutade matchen på lördagen. Ina Burström, Mathilda Henriksson och Cassandra Larsson gjorde målen för … Seger för Skogså borta mot Sunnanå | Aftonbladet Samuel Lindsköld stod för Sunnanås enda mål. Lördag 8 augusti 14.00 spelar SunnanåRead More