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Semi-truck drives through crowd of protesters on Minneapolis bridge

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Warning: Readers may find some of the detailed descriptions in the content of this article disturbing.
A fuel semi-truck drove into a George Floyd demonstration of thousands of people on a bridge in Minneapolis apparently without seriously injuring anyone.
A large crowd protesting the death of George Floyd and police brutality had blocked the Interstate 35 west bridge near downtown Minneapolis on Sunday evening when they spotted the fuel tanker coming around the curve at speed.
The mass of people parted in panic and fled to the sides of the bridge as the truck neared the crowd, coming very close to hitting several people.
As the vehicle ground to a halt, the crowd surged back toward the driver and dragged him from his cab and beat him. He was taken to hospital.
Officials said no protesters appeared injured, but the Minnesota State Patrol said in a tweet that the action appeared deliberate. The patrol said the driver was hurt and taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
A local television station in Minneapolis aired footage of the incident, with a shaken anchor narrating “Oh my gosh, the speed at which that truck approached, and even some of the brave people attempting to slow it down.”
Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed on Monday, saw its sixth consecutive day of protests on Sunday. Police and protesters engaged in running battles on Saturday night, after the city had declared an evening curfew and the Minnesota governor had activated the National Guard to help enforce it.
Protesters are demanding the arrest of three other officers who were present when Floyd died on Monday. One officer, Derek Chauvin, has already been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.
On Sunday, Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison told NBC’s Meet the Press the charges against Chauvin could be increased, and that the three other officers involved were “not out of the woods”.
Associated Press contributed reporting.
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