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Michigan: 891 new coronavirus cases, highest daily total since May

The Michigan health department has reported an additional 891 coronavirus cases Wednesday, bringing the total to 71,197.
The 7-day average is now 566, which is the highest its been since May 20.
This is the largest daily increase since May 14, which was at 1,191 cases. Health officials said the case count increase on May 14 was due to a test result backlog and an an increase in testing at correctional facilities statewide. Excluding May 14, Wednesday’s total is the highest total since 977 cases were reporter on May 1.

The state also reported four new deaths Wednesday, increasing the death toll to 6,085.

Michigan coronavirus cases: Tracking the pandemic
On Tuesday, 33,821 tests were taken, which is the highest amount of diagnostic COVID-19 tests administered in one day. Out of those tests, 1,194 were positive and 32,627 were negative, a positivity rate of 3.5%. In addition, 1,440 serology tests which looks for antibodies to COVID-19, were conducted, bringing the total to 35,261 tests.

As of Friday, Michigan reported that the state has 53,867 recovered patients, which is determined after a patient is 30 days from their onset of illness.
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