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Japan prankster YouTuber indicted for allegedly eating sashimi off supermarket shelf

NAGOYA — A YouTuber who recorded himself eating sashimi at a supermarket before paying for it at the register has had his case sent to prosecutors, the Nagoya District Public Prosecutors Office Okazaki branch confirmed on Aug. 18.
Shota Harada, 29, who goes by the handle “Hezumaryu” on YouTube and has no fixed address or employment, was indicted for theft. According to the indictment, Harada ate and stole sashimi selling for 428 yen at a supermarket in the central Japan city of Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, on May 29.
Harada uploaded a video of the incident to YouTube, and it and other recorded stunts have garnered him a reputation as a prankster YouTuber. In July, before he was arrested, he went to prefectures including Yamaguchi in western Japan. He and a group of his followers would to try to approach people they saw and shake hands with them. After his arrest, he was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and so too were a number of people that had close contact with him.
(Japanese original by Shintaro Iguchi, Nagoya News Center)
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