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Thursday, September 24th, 2020


GM Is Considering ‘Flying Cars,’ Which Definitely Aren’t Helicopters

L L General Motors works with online advertising companies to provide advertising that is as relevant and useful as possible based on your browsing activity. GM is committed to providing you with transparency and control over the types of advertising you see from us; please access the links below for more information. General Motors recently expressed an interest in aerial taxis, including what some call “flying cars,” reports Reuters. These sure sound a lot like helicopters, albeit ones designed to fly lower-lying routes. They take-off and land vertically, only needingRead More

Would You Pay $32,000 For This Chevy Silverado Dually Limo?

In the era of booming SUV and crossover sales all around the world, it’s difficult not to pay attention to the second-hand market and that’s where we find different interesting vehicles for sale. We’ve seen all kinds of modified high-riding utilities and trucks, but we’ve never seen anything quite like today’s guest. Meet the Chevrolet Silverado dually limousine which is currently listed for sale in Colorado. It’s the living proof that size matters after all with its massive interior and impressive presence. We can imagine many cool activities with thisRead More

«Соседи» продолжатся на канале «Россия»

В Ростовской области начались съемки сразу двух сезонов… В станице Обуховская Ростовской области стартовали съемки четвертого и пятого сезонов сериала “Соседи” по заказу телеканала “Россия”. Главные роли в истории о непростых отношениях семей Кораблевых и Ширшиковых исполняют: Евгений Сидихин, Елена Валюшкина… «Соседи» продолжатся на канале «Россия» Съемки четвертого и пятого сезонов сериала «Соседи» для телеканала «Россия» стартовали 20 сентября 2020 года в Ростовской области. Производством сразу двух сезонов сериала занимается телекомпания «Мостелефильм Дистрибьюшн» по заказу телеканала «Россия». Соседи. Новый сезон / Cмотреть все выпуски онлайн / «Соседи. Новый сезон»,Read More

Coronavirus ravages Latin America’s working class, Mexico deaths reach 75,000

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (Reuters) – Mexico was set to surpass 75,000 confirmed coronavirus deaths on Thursday, as the pandemic ravages Latin American nations with large informal economies where workers have grappled with the twin threats of hunger and contagion. Mexico has the world’s fourth-highest coronavirus death toll, according to a Reuters tally, behind the United States, Brazil, and India. Despite closing schools and offices six months ago, the Mexican government has struggled to contain the virus’ spread. More than half of Latin America’s active population have informal jobs in areasRead More

Victor Malm blir redaktör på Expressens kultursida

Victor Malm blir redaktör på Expressens kultursida Victor Malm har varit medarbetare på Expressens kultursida sedan 2013 då han var 23 år. Sedan drygt ett år har han också vikarierat som redaktör, en roll som nu övergår i en anställning. – Victor Malm är en av de främsta i den unga generationen litteraturkritiker och skribenter. Han blir redaktör på Expressens kultursida Litteraturvetaren och kritikern Victor Malm anställs som redaktör på Expressens kulturredaktion. Han har medverkat på kultursidan sedan 2013 och har det senaste året vikarierat som redaktör. Han blir redaktörRead More

YouTuber Preetipls and brother start petition for temporary stop of executions

Singapore – A petition on the platform calling for the temporary suspension of all executions and for data transparency to make public the identities and cases of everyone on Death Row was started on Wednesday (Sept 23) by YouTuber Preeti Nair and her brother Subhas Nair. The petition, “Immediate Moratorium and Transparency: The First Step Towards Abolishing The Death Penalty”, garnered more than 700 signatures by evening, with the number rising. The duo called for an immediate moratorium, or a temporary suspension, on all executions, as well as dataRead More

Coronavirus: Ten ambulance workers in North test positive on golf trip

Coronavirus: Ten ambulance workers in North test positive … Ten ambulance workers in Northern Ireland have tested positive for coronavirus following a golf trip. The affected members of staff all work at Craigavon ambulance station in Co Armagh. The … Craigavon ambulance staff test positive for Covid after … Sixteen members of staff at Craigavon Ambulance Station have been forced to take time off work following a Covid-19 outbreak. … test positive for Covid after golf trip. … ten ambulance service … Coronavirus: Eighteen Altnagelvin staff off work due toRead More

2021 Ford Puma ST Revealed As The Fiesta ST Of Crossovers

Many Ford fans criticized their favorite brand for using the “Puma” moniker for a small crossover and now the Blue Oval is (kind of) addressing that issue. Meet the Puma ST, the company’s first ST-badged crossover for the European market, and Ford’s second vehicle of this kind after the Edge ST sold in North America. It’s an indirect successor to the rare Racing Puma, but in a more practical CUV package to keep up with the times and market demand. The Puma ST is everything you like about the FiestaRead More

El tráiler de WandaVision supera al de Avengers: Infinity War en el mismo periodo de tiempo

El tráiler de “WandaVision” supera al de “Infinity War … El público tiene hambre de Marvel. El tráiler de Bruja Escarlata y Visión (WandaVision) ha tenido un éxito arrollador, al superar en número de visualizaciones al avance de Vengadores: Infinity War que se emitió durante el Super Bowl. La expectativa que hay con la Fase 4 del MCU es máxima. El tráiler de WandaVision supera al de Avengers: Infinity … El público tiene hambre de Marvel. El tráiler de WandaVision ha sido un éxito arrollador, al superar en número deRead More

2021 Cadillac XT4 Revealed For Europe With Diesel Power

Having sold Opel and Vauxhall to French automotive conglomerate PSA back in 2017, General Motors virtually exited the European market. The Chevrolet brand has been long gone, with GM pulling the plug on the Old Continent by late 2015, albeit the Corvette C7 soldiered on in some markets. We’d like to remind you Cadillac is technically still around, but its presence is extremely reduced due to the limited dealer network. According to CarSalesBase, Cadillac moved only 614 cars in Europe last year, down by nearly 40 percent compared to 2018.Read More