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Saturday, September 19th, 2020


Envelope with ‘ricin’ sent to White House: reports

US authorities have intercepted an envelope addressed to US President Donald Trump that contained a substance identified as the poison ricin, US media reported Saturday. The letter was discovered earlier this week and did not reach the White House, according to the New York Times and CNN. The Times said it was believed that the letter was mailed from Canada. Mail addressed to the White House is first inspected and sorted in depots just outside Washington. CNN said the contents of the envelope were tested repeatedly at one depot andRead More

24H Mans 2020 – Pole position de Porsche en GTE-Pro via l’Hyperpole GTE

24H Mans 2020 – Pole position de Porsche en GTE-Pro via l … Le Porsche GT Team a pris le départ de la 88ème édition des 24 Heures du Mans 2020 en pole position dans la catégorie GTE-Pro. Dans l’hyperpole du vendredi 18 septembre 2020, le pilote italien Gianmaria Bruni a réalisé le meilleur tour au volant de la Porsche 911 RSR n°91 en 3: 50,874 minutes. 24h du Mans : heure du départ, TV… Les infos en direct L’essentiel sur les 24h du Mans 2020 : Reportées au moisRead More

‘The Way I See It’ documentary with Pete Souza in theaters, on cable

Making “The Way I See It” reminded Dawn Porter of the sense of calm she used to have about what was happening at the White House. “I did not understand how much I relied on the office of the presidency being non-chaotic, being something that was deliberate and thoughtful,” says the lawyer-turned-documentary filmmaker. “And I didn’t realize how much that personally affected me.” In the political maelstrom that is 2020, Porter’s two latest movies feel like the brief pause in the eye of a hurricane. “John Lewis: Good Trouble” was released in early July, just two weeks before the civilRead More

NBA : Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets

NBA: Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets NBA – NBA: Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets – Ran Die Los Angeles Lakers sind in der nordamerikanischen Basketball-Profiliga NBA mit einem Sieg in ihr Halbfinal-Duell gestartet. NBA: Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets NBA: Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets RAN. vor 1 Std. Europäer lehnen Sanktionen gegen den Iran ab. Die Wollnys: “Gänsehaut”: Estefania begeistert mit engelsgleicher Stimme … NBA: Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets … NBA: Lakers gewinnen erstes Halbfinal-Spiel gegen Nuggets Die Los Angeles Lakers sind inRead More

【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか?

【ローズs】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬 … 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか? 2020/09/19 17:00 2020年ローズS PP指数インフォグラフィック 【ローズs】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬 … 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか? 9月19日(土)17時0分 SPAIA SPAIA オークス組など、春の実績馬の評価は?オープン時代の紫苑Sは上がり馬が 集う … 【ローズs】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬 … 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか? … オークス組など、春の実績馬の評価は? オープン時代の紫苑Sは上がり馬が集う舞台に対して、ローズSはオークスの上位馬を始めとした、春の実績馬が集う舞台だった。 【ローズs】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬 … 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか?オープン時代の紫苑Sは … 【ローズs】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬 … 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか? オークス組など、春の実績馬 … 【ローズs】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬 … 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか? 2020/9/19 競馬 オープン時代の紫苑Sは上がり馬が集う舞台… ↓ 記事続きを表示する ↓ 本記事・サイトは一人でも多く … 【Google急上昇検索ワード(総合):2020年09月19日 … Yahoo!ニュース | 09-19 11:02 【ローズS予想】今年のオークス組はレベルが低い 京大競馬研究会の本命は上がり馬フアナ BIGLOBEニュース | 09-19 17:14 【ローズS】能力値1位は意外にもフアナ オークス大敗の実績馬デゼル、クラヴァシュドールの巻き返しはあるのか? ローズステークス2020-過去データと予想 | 深く考えない競馬 ローズステークス2020過去データ表 表の色分けについては、過去データ表の見方にまとめています。 年度 着順 馬番 馬名 人気 前走 前走 人気 2019 良 1 4 ダノンファンタジー 1 オークス(G1) 5着(0.5) 4Read More

1934-Style Luxury RV Offers Electricity for up To Two Weeks on a Single Charge

General Motors works with online advertising companies to provide advertising that is as relevant and useful as possible based on your browsing activity. GM is committed to providing you with transparency and control over the types of advertising you see from us; please access the links below for more information. The Bowlus Road Chief is a 26-feet RV styled to make you believe you’re road-tripping in 1934, complete with a kitchen, dinner, and sleeping accommodations for up to four adventurous people. However, this is not what sets the Bowlus RoadRead More

Sergio Perez’s Departure Paves Way for Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin F1 in 2021

After seven years, five podiums, multiple “almost podiums,” and dozens of top tens points that would’ve most likely never been scored otherwise, Sergio Perez will be separating from Racing Point Formula 1 Team at the end of the shortened 2020 season. Both the team and driver confirmed the news Wednesday afternoon via social media. Formula 1’s own blog may have called this a “shock announcement,” but the truth is that uncertainty has circled the Mexican racing driver’s seat since Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel announced his split from Ferrari earlier in theRead More

Wuhan, epicentro do coronavírus, recebe primeiro voo internacional desde janeiro

Epicentro inicial da pandemia, Wuhan recebe 1º voo … Epicentro inicial da pandemia, Wuhan recebe 1º voo internacional desde janeiro Com os baixos níveis de transmissão observados na China nas últimas semanas, Wuhan já retornou ao patamar de voos domésticos de 2019 Henrique Andrade* Da CNN, em São Paulo 18 de setembro de 2020 às 16:03 Wuhan epicentro do coronavírus recebe primeiro voo … Wuhan epicentro do coronavírus recebe primeiro voo internacional desde janeiro 9/17/2020 0 Comments O primeiro voo internacional desde a explosão da crise da COVID-19 em janeiroRead More

Roadblocks Loom for Best-Performing Malaysia Bonds

One of the most obvious warning signs is declining demand at the government’s conventional bond auctions. The bid-to-cover ratio fell to 1.47 times at a sale on Aug. 13, the lowest this year, and was only a fraction higher at 1.54 times on Sept. 3. The average of the previous 11 conventional offerings was 2.16. A sale of five-year debt later this month now looms as a key test of investor demand. Malaysian bonds have easily outperformed the rest of Asia this quarter. A Bloomberg Barclays index of total returnsRead More

Gareth Bale will be loved back at Tottenham – but he won’t add to his trophy haul

He has scored 105 goals, won 13 ­trophies, ­including the Champions League four times, and his overhead kick against Liverpool two years ago was the greatest goal in a major final I’ve seen. Compare that with the great Zinedine ­Zidane, now his coach at Real: 49 goals, six trophies and that world-class volley against Bayer Leverkusen in a Champions League final. Compare Bale’s ­record with Luis Figo: 57 goals, seven trophies. And compare it with Brazilian legend Ronaldo: 104 goals and three trophies. Bale has scored more goals and wonRead More